Ahold USA

I co-oped at Ahold USA for my second co-op and I spent 8 months in Boston, MA, working for this company. At Ahold, I was considered a Full Stack Developer. Although I managed many applications that were built by different developers, the main project I have to show from my Co-op was this application.

Throughout this process of building an application from back to front by myself, I had many many responsibilities and had to wear many hats. My main responsibilities included (in chronological order)

  1. Meeting with the business to fully understand the problem that is currently apparent.
  2. Pitching different solutions to the business
  3. Pursuing one solution and designing a mock-up of the interface
  4. Building a database to store all the data necessary
  5. Writing ColdFusion scripts with the RESTful API of ColdFusion on the back end to Query the correct data necessary to populate the front end
  6. Looping through the data I just queried on the front end using AngularJS and get requests
  7. Writing post requests to update the data on the back end to match the input of the user on the front end

All I can say about this application was that it managed a bunch of data that was very helpful for the business. Although I cannot share a live version of the application, I can however show a screenshot of the data populating.

Languages/Tools used:

  1. AngularJS
  2. ColdFusion
  3. SQL server
  4. HTML, CSS